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10-Year Anniversary Tuition Special

Rocket Sky 3D Programs

Rocket Sky Programs are completed at your time and pace, full-time or part-time. The training is One-On-One and our campus operates under a "Simulated Production Environment."

START DATE | Train at your Time and Pace

Intro to 3D Animation

In the Intro to 3D Animation Program, students are introduced to the amazing 'industry-standard' 3D software, Autodesk Maya.


Here we learn classical principles and practices and apply them to this powerful 3D software, all within our project-based  learning platform.

In the Portfolio Builder Program, students will produce work through a series of professional projects and exercises to achieve a top, entry-level Portfolio, or "Demo Reel".


3D Animators will use this portfolio, or 'demo reel' to submit to studios to gain employment.

START DATE | Train at your Time and Pace

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3D Portfolio Builder

START DATE | Train at your Time and Pace

Best Animation School

Professional Production

Rocket Sky's Professional Production is a complete program where students start at the very beginning with software training and simple ball-bouncing exercises, all the way to Short Film Production or professionally produced sequences to showcase on a professional-level portfolio, or 'Demo Reel'.

For successful careers working in TV, Feature Film and Video Games

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