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Meet our Team.

Garth Drake

Garth  Drake is the founder of Rocket Sky  and has been one of the top animation instructors in the country for over 20 years.  For 26 years Garth  has worked for some of the finest studios in North America,  and developed the  school’s curriculum based on a unique, classical approach to animating in 3D. He designed the school around a 'Simulated Production' learning platform, which produces the highest possible skills while conditioning our students for work in the real world.

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Saulo Satoshi Botome

Saulo is one of the finest artists to come out of Rocket Sky. Not only is he a highly skilled character animator, he's proven to be an extremely proficient technical artist. He's produced some of Rocket Sky's newest student tutorials for lighting and rendering and currently acts as the school's 'go-to' for lighting and rendering issues. Saulo currently works as a character animator for Animaking located in Brazil.

Karl Bauer

For a decade Karl Bauer has been a top character modeler and rigging artist, as well as an exceptional modeling instructor. Karl has designed, modeled and rigged Rocket Sky's own series of Foundation to Feature quality character models. He currently works as a Lead Animator for DHX Media in Halifax, Nova Scotia.





Jason is a world-class animator and a master of both 3D and classical animation. Thanks for the tutorial on how to draw stick-people, an amazing video on thumbnailing and how it's done by a true master.



Mike is an incredible artist and a truly gifted teacher. His drawing tutorials are amazing and we're so happy to have access to his techniques for drawing the human figure.



Felix Sputnik was born in Germany, moved to London in 1990, draws 24 frames every second of the day and keeps chickens and bees. He has worked for most major studios in London and some overseas and is the proud owner of a Moebius award, two Promax world class awards, a grand Prix from the Holland Animation festival and a BAA diploma and was once briefly up for a BAFTA. His tutorials are

spectacular and benefit our students immensely.



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