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The Rocket Sky 3D Animation School was born out of the question;

"How can we create the coolest, most effective animation school in the world?"

Rocket Sky is a product of decades of working and teaching in the Animation Industry. We operate using a 'simulated production environment' and focus on a 'fundamentals first' approach to learning character animation and the results are astounding. 95%  of our graduates are working in the TV, Feature Film and Video Games industries today.



We offer the lowest tuition rates for high-end character animation in the world, and our training is one-on-one with professional TV, Feature Film and Video Game animators.  Animation is a never ending quest for betterment, and we give our students the opportunity to continue to develop their skills and have access to our content and mentors for a lifetime.


If a career in the arts is what you seek then you couldn't have found a better school. Fill out the form below to learn how you can become a successful character animator like so many other Rocket Sky students before you.

Rocket Sky: A different kind of school

Low Tuition. Flexible Payment options. Lifetime membership.

 Train for a career working in TV, Feature Films and Video Games.

Meet our Team of mentors, instructors and contributors

Become a professional animator in a little over a year. We'll send you our catalog, free ebooks, tips and tricks and more.

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