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All of our students took that chance and trusted us. It wasn't easy, but...

In a world where only 6-8% of students who take a 3D Animation program ever end up working in the industry, Rocket Sky boasts a 97% success rate with our graduates. Why is our school so effective and successful, and how are we developing our students so effectively training online?

Our Simulated Production Environment

Rocket Sky operates within a 'simulated production environment', a learning platform that runs just like a professional animation studio. This professional approach produces the highest quality skills while conditioning our students for working in the real world. The result is a seamless transition from school to the industry; completely prepared. We teach Art, not software. We train students in basic fundamentals and classical principles and apply them with the best 3D Animation software in the world, Autodesk Maya.


Rocket Sky starts each lesson with highly produced, in-depth video tutorials that can be watched and re-watched, but our real training happens within the submission/ feedback stage. This stage is one-on-one training with world-class Industry professionals with credits like, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Hotel Transylvania, Jurassic World and Star Wars- The Last Jedi, just to name a few. It all operates within a 'simulated production environment', which mimics a rel-world studio, and all of this is at our student's own time and pace, full-time or part-time.

Rocket Sky is for Life

Animation is a never-ending quest for betterment- we never stop wanting to get better. We offer our students the opportunity to continue to improve their skills even after they graduate with access to our content and mentors for years to come. Plus, we're one big happy family and a great many of our students become mentors and teach, as well.


If you take that chance and trust in our amazing animation school, we can help make your career dreams come true, too.

Visit us at for more info or to APPLY today!

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