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Urgent: The Animation Industry Needs You.

In the past decade animation has exploded, becoming more popular than ever before in it's history. You see it more in movies, TV and video games and the demand for more animation is growing and growing. This has created a major problem for production studios all over the world as they struggle to fill their positions with qualified talent. There's never been a better time to train to become a character animator and their problem may be your opportunity if you're truly interested in a career working in the amazing animation industry.

The Animation Industry Wants You.

Rocket Sky has been approached by some of the most prolific studios in North America to train and prepare more talent for the available positions in the next few years. We train within a 'simulated production environment' so not only do our students become incredibly skilled digital artists, they're completely conditioned to work in the real world well before they graduate. This is why Rocket Sky students are sought after by leading studios around the globe.

Would you like a career as a character animator? Visit us at to learn more about our amazing, online animation school.

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