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3D Animation: The age of training and working from home has arrived.

Rocket Sky mastered the art of online learning years ago with methods and practices based on decades of production work and teaching 3D Animation.

The reason Rocket Sky has such a high success rate with our graduates is a combination of our one-on-one training methods, coupled with our "Simulated Production Environment" approach to structuring our school. We teach the elusive art of character animation by applying classical animation principles and practices within today's modern 3D software, but we cater to each student individually which results in an incredibly consistent, high quality education and ultimately the portfolio to reflect this.

This simulated production experience not only develops skills at the highest levels, the system conditions our students for working in the real world. We train students from all over the world from the comfort of their own homes out of our online campus every day.

Working remotely has always been very rare when pursuing a top studio position, but with the advent of the recent COVID19 virus, studios around the world have been forced to hire animators to produce their TV shows, Films and Video Games while working from home. And the results have been so positive that it's very much possible that it's a trend that's here to stay.

Now studios can hire the best animators from anywhere, rather than be subject to hiring local applicants, and students have incredible opportunities working for studios located anywhere in the world rather than being restricted to those based on location.

There's never been a better time to train for a career as a character animator- there's more animation produced today than every before. It's a fantastic opportunity for students who are interested in a successful career as an artist to pursue what was once a 'too good to be true' career choice.

You can learn all about joining our incredible team at Rocket Sky at If you have any questions about Rocket Sky, the industry or animation, please email me at


Garth Drake, Founder of Rocket Sky

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